Privacy Policy

Installation Considerations

Herein contained are the terms and conditions of installation, service, and monitoring of said CCTV system. “Customer” shall be used to identify name of subscriber affixed to face of contract and “company” shall apply to Royal Security Systems.

1) Installation: company agrees to install the equipment listed in a workman like manner in accordance with the Following conditions:

A. Customer will make premises available without interruption during company’s normal working hours

B. Customer understands that the installation will necessitate drilling into various parts of the premises. Company Intends generally to conceal wiring in the finished areas of the premises, however, there may be areas in which Due to construction, decoration or furnishing of the premises, company determines, in its sole discretion that it Would be impractical to conceal the wiring and in such cases, wire will be exposed.

C. Customer agrees to provide Ac electrical outlets at the designated locations for equipment requiring Ac Power.

D. Customer agrees to provide for any lifting equipment and civil works not covered by the company’s schedule or Proposal for works.

E. Customer understands that installation requires drilling holes in interior and exterior walls

  • AS per our discussion if you need electrician, charges will be added
  • Over looped cabling will be charges rate is 18/- per meter Proposal for CCT V installation,
  • Commercial Terms & Conditions for INR Orders
  • We hope the above is as per your requirement. If you have any clarifications kindly contact the Undersigned


  • The following things have to be mentioned in the Purchase Order (PO) clearly :
  • PO Reference Number with PO Date.
  • Billing address & Dispatch address (ES) with contact person.
  • Taxes applicable if you need 18%
  • 75% of payment to be done if proposal is accepted as per terms conditions.
  • Before accepting the proposal please contact our management if you have any queries .
  • Any Device Warranty 1 year free As per manufacturer Terms & conditions
  • Company is not responsible for Any damage devices like breakage or power issues damages ( as per brand terms & conditions we have to follow it )
  • After 1 year service charges applicable (EACH device Rs 550)
  • Free online support for 1 years.
  • Delivery: One Week from the date of P.O
  • Quotation Validity: Two Weeks from the date of submission.
  • Power Point/Supply at every location to be provided.
  • Cable will finalize once total cabling done